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Wedding Couture Essentials

Wedding themes are many-a-times centered around the bride and her trousseau. As a designer, every time I attend a wedding I am drawn to the wedding attires—not just the outfit of the bride, but the look of the entire wedding entourage. And I just love weddings where everyone is somehow in sync with the bride’s couture.


If you’re planning a wedding, here are a few wedding couture essentials and coordination ideas for your entire bridal entourage (your immediate families, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the ring bearers and flower girls), all coordinated and wedding ready!

  • All in sync with the bride!

The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the families, all wear the colours and crafts harmonious to the Bride and Groom! Works best if the décor of the wedding fits subtly with the wedding attires, for instance a forest wedding with floral pastels or a desert wedding with subtle golds.



  • Men in classics

Men in classics always make a great sight! With handwoven cottons or fine silks and tonal embroideries, our Menswear fits perfectly with our elaborate, luxurious lehengas.

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  • Couples twinning!

This will make your wedding look vibrant and colourful, all the while staying coordinated. All couples can dress up in the colour of choice, and the parents of the ring bearers and flower girls can coordinate with them!



  • Accessorize!

I’ve always thought of bridal accessories as the essential dash of flair and elegance to the wedding. In fact, synchronizing accessories in a wedding can also be construed as intimate gestures of love, for instance bridesmaids donning similar jewellery or the bride and groom wearing matching pairs of shoes.


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