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Unveiling the Anita Dongre Bridal Couture 2021

With our muse, the mostly sane (and always fabulous) Prajakta Koli.

At Anita Dongre, we have always held that our Bridal Couture is an extension of our bride.


Her trousseau celebrates her confidence, and represents her beliefs. We want her to feel everything that is important to her – comfort, joy, calm, and excitement.


Which is why our lehengas, which are hand-crafted in the finest traditions, with motifs that blend the old with the new, also have pockets, to give the modern Indian bride the lightness and ease she wants.


Our muse, Prajakta Koli, is the perfect woman to represent, honour and celebrate the Anita Dongre bride. On her channel, Mostlysane, Prajakta brings alive the spirit, joyousness and modernity of the Indian woman.

She has a move for every beat, her endless wit and charm are as articulate as her opinions and beliefs. Prajakta celebrates life every day, which is what we hope for the Anita Dongre bride to do, as well.

Our aim with Bridal Couture 2021, is for every bride-to-be to stay true to herself, and wear her pride, confidence and happiness first.

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Before we wrap, watch Prajakta Koli and Anita Dongre engage in a round of 15 questions: