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Traveling back in time with Alila Fort Bishangarh

Anita Dongre traverses the corridors and curtains of the 230-year-old fortress in her new couture collection, Crafts of India: An Ode to Bhuj 2021   

Anita Dongre’s love affair with Jaipur is one for the books. “Growing up, I spent my summer holidays at my grandparents’ house in Jaipur — walking through its pinkened lanes, soaking in its culture and crafts. Every year, come the balmy weather’s arrival, I’d return to the city, and discover something new to love about it. In fact, I still do! Its art, architecture and artistry are my biggest inspirations.” Fast payday loans online.  

This love affair is resplendent through Anita Dongre’s exquisite jewelry lines too: Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry and Pinkcity. “Jaipur’s charm is a unique blend of rich tradition and culture with a contemporary feel that has the power to transport you to a completely different, royal realm of time, whilst also staying true to the hustle and bustle, and comforts, of today.” For her new couture collection, Crafts of India: An Ode to Bhuj 2021, along with reviving signature techniques from the region, and coupling them with crafts of Bhuj — craft communes of which she very actively works to empower and uplift — she couples Jaipur’s mysticism subtlety yet powerfully by traversing the corridors and curtains of the 230-year-old Alila Fort Bishangarh 

“The essence of Jaipur and the brand are inseparable forces. Our new couture collection — a conscious line of wedding and occasion wear — featuring traditional crafts of Bandhani, Ajrakh Hand-Block Printing and Hand Embroidery, was shot at the magnificent Alila Fort Bishangarh.” 

Atop the stunning Aravalli Mountain range, Alila Fort Bishangarh is the erstwhile home of Shahpura’s royalty. The fortress was constructed over two centuries ago. Its corridors, curtains, high ceilings and picturesque décor is a unique example of the Jaipur Gharana architecture influenced by both the Mughals and the British design philosophies.  

“We travelled to Alila Fort Bishangarh on the gracious invitation of Mr. Atul Kapur, and fell in love with not only its ecologically restored heritage facets but also the mesmerizing beauty of its hilly locale. You’ll see a whole lot of it on our Instagram page, very soon.”  

Till then, here’s a snippet of the new collection, and here’s how you can reach the good folks at Alila Fort Bishangarh 

Alila Fort Bishangarh is located off NH-8 at Manoharpur Bishangarh Village, Jaipur Bishangarh, Manoharpur, Rajasthan. Shop the collection here.  

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