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The Essence of Flower in Jewelry

Flora is inspired from the abundant beauty of nature.The term flora in Latin means “Goddess of the Flower.” In India flowers resonates with different customs and traditions. Different flowers symbolises with love, fertility, joy, good luck and success.

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The Mughal patronage of the jewelry brought distinct changes to the art of jewelry making.The Emperors were known to be great admirers of nature and flowers which can be seen through the famed Mughal gardens, miniature paintings and textiles from that period. Lets explore the different flowers and significance that’s inspires Anita Dongre Jewelry.


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Lotus is the national flower of India and is the most popular motif. It is associated with poornaghata or pot of plenty. Plenty includes health, wealth and long life. The petals of flowers open in dawn and start closing from the afternoon. By evening, the petals are completely closed.

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The association of roses with India’s history goes back to well over 5000 years. For their beautiful colours and wonderful smells, roses became a symbol of purity; a fragment of the divine in the material world. In India and many parts of the world and it symbolises love and affection.


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Small white flowers are known for their fragrance and are considered the Queen of flowers. They are also known to be used for medicinal properties. They are considered as a sign of good luck, prosperity, and fortune. Because of its beautiful scent, it is used in India as a hair ornament.


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These orange flowers are also known as “genda phool” is referred to as the flower of the soul and is special because it is considered as a love charm and is extensively used in weddings. The colours of the marigold are also significance, white is the colour of purity and peace. The softer orange (saffron) is a sacred colour. Bright orange represents courage and sacrifice. Yellow symbolises sanctity.


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Chrysanthemum is derived from ‘chrysos’ which means gold, and ‘anthos’ which means flower. It is associated with the heart chakra and is quite common to focus on the beauty of the flower with the ultimate goal to blossom the beauty into the heart, which stimulates the heart chakra. These flowers are available in a rainbow of colours.

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Gerberas are part of the daisy family but are a larger variety of them. Their overall meaning is innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and joy. They come in lots of different colours. As there are so many colours available, this has meant that it has become a favourite choice for many different occasions. Often they get sent on birthdays, to add a little cheer to someone who is recovering from an illness sending a get well message, to say congratulations on achievement, to say thank you and many more.