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The Art of Jewelry Making

Rajasthan is a city rich in culture and craftsmanship. Inspired by the craftsmanship and unique artistry we have created a collection of Handmade Silver Jewelry. Hand made silver jewelry helps us preserve the art of Jewelry making and techniques as well as gives employment and empowerment to men and women in Jaipur.

Jewelry making process starts from the inspiration to designs and execution.

Inspiration comes from anything and everything, especially when I go to Jaipur, Rajasthan I am very inspired by the antique jewelry, bazaars, art, museums, architectural sights as well as their rich cultural history.

Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry

The design process starts from a few concepts to a rough sketch, final design, and ultimately to the execution of the final piece of Jewelry. As the jewelry is handmade, the vision from sketch to final jewelry is always going through reinventions with the creative juices flowing at each and every stage. These can then be converted into bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, noserings & armlets.

Jewelry creation is a long process and involves creative artisans who have learned these techniques from their ancestors and taught them for generations down.

The silver used in jewelry is sterling silver as pure silver is very soft to be moulded for jewelry making. With a lot of precision, the design is replicated on the metal and carved out with the help of necessary tools. Painstakingly each part whether tiny or big elements are joined together to create flexible and delicate jewelry. All types of stone, shapes, and sizes whether precious or semi-precious stones are measured and manually set in different types of settings.

The advantage of Sterling silver jewelry is that we can leave the metal in the original white silver colour or we can give the yellow gold effect by gold plating the jewelry through an electroforming process.

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Silver metal is a precious metal and it is not only beautiful to wear but also a wise investment to make.


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