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Sustainable Weddings is the New Normal


Anita Dongre Wedding Decor Love Song

The last many months have introduced an influx of changes not just to our lives, but to our conversations as well. Terms and phrases that were seldom used before have now become mainstays. One such term that gives me a pause when I’m flipping through pages is “the new normal.” Encompassing everything from living mindfully, buying sustainably and engaging consciously with the environment, the ‘new normal’ ironically puts forth ideals that should have been our normal in the first place.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Naomi Lehenga
Hand Embroidered by the women artisans of SEWA, Gujarat

Having always voiced our environmental responsibility as a brand and as people, my team and I saw this as an opportunity to open up the conversation on sustainable weddings. And, to bring our vision to life, we found the perfect partner in Devika Narin. Being someone who has studied space and its possibilities, Devika has a penchant for creating warmth and intimacy while also creating plenty a room for nature. With her, we brought alive the warm vibes of a ghar ki shaadi but with a sustainable flair.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Eilnaz LehengaSaanjali Lehenga

The flowers picked were all locally sourced within Maharashtra, and the vases were custom-made using recycled flowers. The structures were created from natural bamboos, and the setting in the woods was created using organic cotton and ikat sourced from individual weavers.  The wooden birds were created by craftsmen in Jodhpur. With Devika, we ensured that each setting was created with the landscape in mind. From the mandap framing the river to lunch set under the lush forest canopy.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Adhisree Lehenga & Raghbir Sherwani


ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song, Anita Dongre Pichhwai Lehenga

Kaner Pichhwai Lehenga
Hand Painted by the master artisans of Jaipur

Sustainable weddings can often be viewed with a lack of enthusiasm. People often associating the word with unglamorous, monotonous and even boring. With our collection, we hope to disprove all that. Scaling down doesn’t mean scaling down on grandeur, and sustainable needn’t mean sacrifice. With a little creativity, you can gift yourself a beautiful wedding, while keeping the surroundings beautiful too. It’s time we make the new normal the new norm. Our world depends on it.


ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Idaya Lehenga

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love SongHanika Lehenga

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Amari Lehenga
Handwoven in Benaras