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Sustainable Locations for Close-Knit Celebrations


Anita Dongre Pichhwai Collection

Lali Pichhwai Lehenga
Hand Painted by the master artisans of Jaipur

I strongly believe that a shared holiday homes concept is a sustainable choice for the future where we build special moments and memories in spaces that have already been thoughtfully created. Spaces that exist in harmony with nature and allow you to reconnect with sights and sounds so rare in the never-ending waves of urbanisation.


ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Eilnaz LehengaSaanjali Lehenga

As the pandemic forced humanity to revaluate life and celebrations, steering conversations around ‘intimate ceremonies’ and ‘close-knit celebrations’, my belief in the infinite possibilities that shared holiday homes provided only grew stronger. I soon found myself exploring this concept as the theme for my upcoming collection: Love Song 2020.

Anita Dongre Benaras Lehengas

Alethi Lehenga & Rootra Lehenga
Both Handwoven in Benaras

I imagined music, dance and laughter in spaces filled with natural light and greenery. Where bird songs intermingle with melodies of celebration, where slipping off your shoes to feel the grass beneath and the coolness of passing rivers below wasn’t something you had to take a flight to experience.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Krisla Set, Baiza Set and Arzoo Set

And, for this reason we turned to the lush terrains of SaffronStays. Against its earthy canvas, our collection came alive with its vivid hues and gleaming details. The homes itself provide picturesque, natural backdrops and spacious outdoors perfectly suited for luxuriously scenic weddings with people who matter. ‘One Tree Farm’, the place where we shot our campaign, is one rich with greens, with a farm of paddy fields, lemon, mango and cashew trees and seasonal vegetables grown organically. A love story inspired by nature, captured in nature.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Anita Dongre Love Song Collection

Moreover, it beautifully encapsulated the atmosphere we wanted to capture. One that encourages you to ‘Live Deeply. Love Abundantly. Celebrate Truly.’