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Pocketful of Sunshine

Of pockets in women’s fashion, a famous designer once said, “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” Well, that was said over sixty years ago, and the modern Indian woman does not concur. History has laid proof that this gender divide in fashion has been quite unfair to women, when it comes to the inclusion of pockets. Thanks a lot, patriarchy!

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That’s all changing though, with contemporary designers anticipating this micro-trend. Our own pocketed bridal lehengas give you classic couture, while honouring the desires of our brides. As a designer, I love making a bride’s day more memorable. Their positive feedback and excitement at the discovery of the pocket detail is what makes it all worthwhile. Ever since I first started designing for the Indian bride, I’ve always envisioned a traditional yet comfortable experience, and bridal lehengas with pockets are a part of that vision.

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Simply put, the young, economically independent woman of today wants to dance at her own wedding. Wave a cheery goodbye to the 30kg lehenga that would weigh you down to your seat. Say hello to actually enjoying the most special day of your life. Say hello to updated silhouettes that give you elegance and ease as you dance into the morning light. While lightweight and fuss-free, our bridal lehengas are still rooted in tradition. The delicate thread work and gota patti embellishment honors the beauty of the Indian bride, without compromising on making a statement, or on utility.

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Can we finally acknowledge that these little pockets are a big deal? So, go hands-free and allow yourself to be present in the moment without worrying about where to put your cell phone or emergency tissues. Safeguard those last-minute love notes to your betrothed in your pocket. Ditch that handbag; your mehendi should be the only thing keeping your hands busy.

We’d love to hear your wedding day story. What would you put in your lehenga pocket on your big day?