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Odyssey Menswear, Winter 2018

Timeless silhouettes and handcrafted embroideries come alive on our Menswear from Odyssey, Winter ’18, with motifs of majestic forests.

Stories of forests are traced onto fine, luxurious silks. You’ll witness the waltz of birds and the marauding of tigers, adorned with heritage crafts of India.

A concurrence of sartorial artistry and impeccable detailing are crafted into our collection, this winter. We’ve enveloped our line of fine tailored Sherwanis, Bandhgalas, Bandis and Kurtas with luxurious silks and heritage crafts of India.

We’ve added traditional Safaas, and experimented with fabric texturing and silhouettes (in Kurtas).

Indulge in our classic Menswear, enveloped in traditions of India, this winter.