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Meet Sahar Mansoor, owner of Bare Necessities

This Earth Month 2020, we will be lending our page to Green Heroes who have made impressive strides in generating interest and awareness on sustainable living.

Today, Sahar Mansoor, owner of Bare Necessities – Zero Waste India pens down her thoughts on seeing the greener side of life.


To me, sustainability means living in a mindful manner meaning pretty much that our consumption does not vastly exceed what we contribute. It means taking care of our mama earth, so that she can continue to sustain us all as we continue to grow and innovate. It’s about being appreciative of the water that has travelled from lakes, rivers and mountains to gush through our toilet taps; it’s about being appreciative of our tree cover that sequests the carbon and gives us oxygen – the very thing that sustains us! It’s about thinking of future generations, and long-term models and ideas that revamps the complete approach.


Over the past 4 years, I have tried my best to live a minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. In doing this, I have become increasingly aware and actively curious about what I am using, the brands I may be supporting and their values, and whether I really need materialistic things. I also began making tons of everyday products at home, whether it’s for homecare, or personal care or my lifestyle which has helped me realize the value of natural ingredients, rather than the chemicals in products that are widespread, as of today.
Bare Necessities is a huge platform to how I use my voice in this fight. By building a team of like-minded individuals, we are able to advocate for sustainability, conduct talks and workshops around India to raise awareness, and even launch online zero waste courses to make it as accessible as possible.


One of the biggest things to remember is to value everything you see as a Resource instead of seeing things as Waste. If you begin to do this you will start to transition to a Zero Waste Lifestyle, which is exactly what the planet and the people closest to us need.