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Meet India’s ‘Compostwali’

Popularly known as ‘Compostwali’, Poonam Bir Kasturi, founder of Daily Dump Compost, equates sustainability to a behavioural change while speaking to us about greener living.

Sustainability is not merely an issue to be resolved, it is a behaviour change. It is a mindset and habits help change that mindset. I’ve always been interested in seeing how design can engage with large issues. When I started teaching that was the time I learned a lot and I ended up reading a lot on sustainability, meeting very interesting people, seeing interesting projects and it was at that time I said, enough talk, I need to do. That’s when I started Daily Dump. Our vision was to constantly re-imagine our relationship with the earth, with each other and with our urban spaces. Essentially, we are in the mindset changing business – mindsets about “waste”, about marginal livelihoods, about whose job it is to take care of “waste”, about how we can harm less, etc.

The work we do at Daily Dump is a culmination of the conversations I have had with many of my students and peers over the years and the varied ideas that have informed and excited me as a person. Ideas from systems theory, sustainable development, design methods, sacred geometries, craft development, Indira Darshinis (standup Indian fast food places), the open source movement, micro-enterprise, facilitative processes and design – all influence the work we do. All Daily Dump’s products and services are designed to empower our customers to take action, make a difference, create cleaner healthier cities, feel happy and enjoy the experience.

Manage our organic waste at source, recycle, refuse, and reuse without waiting for the municipality or Government. Because Composting is not rocket science, it’s like brushing your teeth, a habit! And a rewarding one.


This Earth Month 2020, we will be lending our page to Green Heroes who have made impressive strides in generating interest and awareness on sustainable living.