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Malkha: The Yarn That Spun a Revolution

The Makha revolution was an emphatic response to the Industrial revolution. However, unlike the industrial revolution, the one brought on by Malkha favoured process over scale and people over output. By doing so, it flipped back the pages of time to when Indian textile was a thriving industry that supported entire communities.

Long Indigo Malkha Kurta

The introduction of Malkha (a combination of malmal and khadi) helped dismantle a machinery that had removed human thought from design. By reintroducing the ancient practice of spinning and weaving into the fabric-making process, and re-opening the doors that were shut tight by power mills and textile mechanisation.

Image Courtesy: Harsh Lohit


Making use of natural dyes, and preserving the bounce and elasticity of natively-grown cotton, the hand woven Malkha fabric is exquisite in its vibrancy and texture. Offering the wearer unparalleled comfort and style.  Marrying it with intricate hand embroidery on dresses, tops and kurtas.

This is the story of Malkha. A story that revives India’s textile glory of the past with the ingenuity of local artisans and modern technology. A story that restores and rejuvenates livelihoods and local economies. Penned by local artisans threading their own quiet revolution. Presenting the Malkha edit exclusive from Grassroot by Anita Dongre.

Long Red Malkha Kurta


Red Embroidered Malkha Dress


Mellow Malkha Dress

By investing in Malkha, you are not only supporting the craft’s continued existence but also the livelihoods of the artisans empowered by Malkha.