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Love Song – Our ode to intimate celebrations

Once upon a time,
Weddings were a close-knit affair.
Where the air was engulfed with the sounds of spoons thrumming against tablas
Rhythmically paired with melodies sung by familiar voices.

Where family recipes determined the menu, and family elders determined the arrangements,
And we located venues from memories not maps.
Where the stylists were our cousins and masis, and sometimes our choreographers too.

Where joy was measured not by how many showed up but by how many stayed back
Singing and dancing well into the night…                   

Once upon a time weddings were just as close as family dinners,
Let’s revisit that familiarity once again.  


“Love Song is an ode to my childhood days when weddings were small, close-knit family affairs. The preparations that began weeks earlier, cosying up in circles, the accompanying tunes and melodies, and the never-ending chatter of loved ones laughing and bonding. Something fresh yet familiar, new yet nostalgic.” — Anita Dongre


Anita Dongre Wedding Couture Love Song

Eilnaz LehengaSaanjali Lehenga

Looking back at these memories showed us the way ahead for our new collection. What if we could revisit that intimacy in a new way? A wedding can become special in more ways than one — measured by the outpouring of love, the intimacy of company, the never-ending streams of conversations, and the harmony of laughter and happiness.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love SongLali Pichhwai LehengaKaner Pichhwai Lehenga
Hand Painted by the master artisans of Jaipur


ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Adhisree Lehenga & Raghbir Sherwani

Bringing celebrations closer to its very essence, we turned to the magical settings in our own backyards. We envisioned the warm vibes of a home wedding with a sustainable flair. Our resources were locally sourced, our materials used were environment-friendly right down to our plates and spoons, our location – a place built around nature, and when we left, we left with minimal waste. The resulting campaign became not just a vision of a sustainable wedding but also an exercise in respect and responsibility, which sits at the core of our brand.

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Naomi Lehenga
Hand Embroidered by the women artisans of SEWA, Gujarat

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Maheen Lehenga & Aantika Lehenga

ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Pinkcity Fine Jewelry By Anita Dongre, Love Song Collection


ANITA DONGRE Wedding Couture Love Song

Anita Dongre Love Song Collection