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Journey of the Crescent Moon, ‘Chandbali Earrings’

The art of jewelry has been a part of Indian culture and adorned by Kings and Queens of the Nizams, Rajputs and Mughals. Indian Jewelry is unique in its designs and intricate craftsmanship.

Danika Dangler Earrings


One such popular ornament that is our favourite is the Chandbali earrings, which is every woman’s desire. Over the years all types of chandbalis have been created from traditional to modern designs. Also the designs have reinvented itself to suit all ages. Let’s look at some fascinating chandbalis that are treasure worthy.

As the name suggests, Chand is “moon” and Bali is “earrings” thus crescent moon shaped earrings set intricately with crystals and fringed with tiny pearls. For generations the crescent shape is considered auspicious. Although originated in Hyderabad during the era of the Nizams, it is the cultural intermingling among ruling dynasties across India that made the half-moon shapes popular in the jewelry traditions of other regions.

Chandbalis come in all shapes and sizes, let us explore the same and give you a better insight regarding these beautiful moon shaped earrings which can be moulded in various shapes and sizes.

Karima Earrings


Chandbali with Sahara
Sahara as the name suggests is an extension to the earring which gets clipped at the hair making it look very traditional and looks beautiful when ones hair is in a bun. These earrings are worn as bridal jewellery and paired with a lehenga and dupatta.

Tali Earrings


Short Chandbali
These are dainty and short earrings with filigree work. They are worn for casual occasions and are paired with Anita Dongre kurtas & tunics.

Gold Plated Crystal Chandbali Studs


Medium-sized Chandbali
These are medium-sized earings which are semi casual and bold. These earrings are for outings with friends and family and paired with semi casual Anita Dongre kurtas & tunics.

Vika Earrings


Long Chandbali
These are long earrings and hang from the ear lobes till the shoulders. These are for semi-Casual outings and paired with Anita Dongre Grassroot dresses and tunics.

Inaaya Earrings


Double layered Chandbali
These are double layered crescent moons shaped earrings that add more glamour as wedding jewelry and worn at formal occasions. Can be paired with Anita Dongre Kurta Sets and Sarees.

Crystal & Pearl Laser Cut Earrings


Oversized Chandbalis
These are statement earrings which are bold and stunning. Does not need any other accessory to pair with. It is suitable for all ocassions, celebrations and cocktails. Can be paired with Anita Dongre Sarees, Kurta Sets or Lehengas

Kajri Earrings


Chandbalis are made with gold and silver metals. The range is extensive and versatile.  Suits all shapes and sizes. Never goes out of fashion!