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Jewelry – A Traditional Therapy

Jewelry has always been an integral part of our culture and tradition. It varies from region to the different designs and the materials used. 

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These pieces of paradise are more than just an embellishment. Since Vedic times, pressure points on our body have played an integral part in maintaining human health with the use of jewelry. The adornment of jewelry on certain parts of our body influences the flow of energy in our body. Stimulation of positive energy can also be done by colour, chanting, or yoga. Jewelry is one of the simplest methods. 

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Mangtikka is worn in the central upper part of the forehead. Made in silver or gold, it helps in regulating and preserving the flow of heat energy of the body. Another variation of a maangtikka is a mathapatti, which is more elaborate. 


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Nose rings are traditionally worn on the left side of the nose. Specific points on the left nostrils are linked to the female reproductive organs and it is believed that wearing a nose ring helps in relieving pains and helps in controlling emotions.


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Bangle, bracelet, and kada are some of the commonly worn jewelry pieces worn by a woman. The Friction between the bangle and the wrist causes pressure on certain reflex points which helps in regulating blood circulation. It also helps in alleviating anxiety & restlessness, improving memory, and managing hypertension & temper.

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Earrings are the most popular until the present age. The ear has a lot of reflex points connected to the body. The central lobe piercing is the most common one which helps in stimulating the brain, hence done at a young age in our culture. It is now worn in different sizes and styles as per the occasion.


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Necklaces worn at different lengths influences and regulate the positive flow of energy between our two chakras (Vishuddha and Anahata chakra) according to our Vedic beliefs. It helps to control blood pressure and prevents from heart disease.