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In December We Dance

A look inside Anita Dongre’s latest ‘Dance into the Light’ collection.  Займ без процентов онлайн.

December brings a palpable shift. Perhaps it’s the nip in the air. Perhaps it’s knowing that we’re nearing the end of another year and we need to make the most of the days left. Perhaps it’s appreciating that the hard times must end for the good times to begin.


And so, we dance. 

For Anita, the last page of the calendar also holds the most meaning. Plans with loved ones finally fall into place. There is Christmas to look forward to. And so many opportunities to dance.  


After all, it’s the end of a year, and you have to find joy in the small things. Do what you love. See the people you haven’t spent enough time with. And dance.  

Dance for yourself. Dance for your loved ones. Dance to let the little things go. Dance to grieve. Dance to wind down. Dance to pick your spirits up. Dance. Because you are here, and in this moment, all you can do is be grateful.  

With our latest ready-to-wear collection, as we are all gathering again, we close out this challenging year on a note of hope.

These are pieces that take you from brunch at home to sundowners on a beach.

Under The Stars – Green Dress


A dress you feel happy enough to twirl in.

Past My Bedtime – Red Dress


A pair of trousers that wear like second skin.

Dusk To Dawn – Black Set


‘Dance Into The Light’ celebrates the spirit of December with easy glamour, and clothes that make you feel your best.  


December is the month of promise, and joy.

The time to count blessings.

And plant seeds for new ones.


Browse the complete collection here: Dance into the Light