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For the love of the gota patti embroidery

As a colour, as an element and as a symbol, gold is an indelible part of Indian culture and practices. And it does not stop at jewellery or precious objects. The ancient art of gota patti embroidery is one of the most significant, and stunning ways in which gold is used as an embellishment.


Sitashi Lehenga Set - Red

Sitashi Lehenga Set – Red


An applique technique, gota patti involves applying strips of gold and silver ribbons to fabric and arranging them in elaborate patterns that evoke opulence and grandeur. Historically, it was a craft favoured by royalty, but now, as gold is replaced with zari, it has become more popular and much-coveted.


Pankaja Saree Set - Green

Pankaja Saree Set – Green


At Anita Dongre, we have perfected this heirloom technique, which is timeless and unique. Our inspirations draw from gota patti’s storied history and we adapt it to reflect the sensibilities of the contemporary woman. The signature ‘leaf’ motif of the craft is a pattern we revisit often, in different iterations, across collections. This is not only our nod to tradition, but also a concerted effort to envision gota not as a relic of the past but as a skill that transforms and adapts to the future. As a skill that opens doors of opportunities for generations of craftspeople and also ensures a place in the future for the craft itself.


Hemani Sharara  Set - Purple

Hemani Sharara Set – Purple


Karuna Saree Set - Blue

Karuna Saree Set – Blue


Varini Sharara Set - Emerald Green

Varini Sharara Set – Emerald Green