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For A Mindful Bridal Trousseau

A comprehensive guide to planning a bridal wardrobe that holds both meaning and memories.


A bride-to-be’s to-do list can seem never ending. From the design of the invites to what to give her bridesmaids, the flowers on the mandap and the menu for the sangeet – everything is an important decision. But nothing is as intimate and memorable as picking out and planning the trousseau. One that reflects your personality, complements your sense of style, provides functionality and of course holds meaning – for yourself and even extends beyond.


Make it Sustainable:

As conversations around what we wear and how it impacts the environment grows, you have a unique opportunity to take this conversation forward with your bridal wardrobe. Fabrics crafted using renewable bio-based resources and following closed-loop processes that leave no waste behind give you the choice to look good and do good all with a twirl of a lehenga.



Swan Song Lehenga Set – Pink


Make it Artisanal:

Your wedding lehenga can be source of joy not just for you but also for the countless hands that go in creating it. Lehengas that highlight painstakingly intricate techniques from Pichhwai hand paintings, Benarasi weaves, and Bandhani have generations of skill hidden within, passed down from mothers to daughters and fathers to sons. Practitioners of such slow fashion often lose out to the swift turnarounds of fast fashion. Choosing to support heirloom artisanship through the choices we make is one way of bringing back balance and recognition to esteemed ancient skills.



Bhuvi Bandhani Lehenga Set – Red


Make it Timeless:

It’s time to retire the concept of retiring your bridal trousseau after your big day. Explore the potential of your ensemble by pairing it with a different choli, layering your dupatta with a dressy crop top or even taking it one step further by fusing your lehenga with a t-shirt. There’s a lot you can do with the dress you so fell in love it, and keep on making new memories with it. Go ahead, re-wear your wedding look!



Athea Lehenga 


Make it an Heirloom:

A piece of couture as precious as an artisanal, handcrafted ensemble deserves to be the pride of your wardrobe for generations. With its classic motifs that defies time and heirloom skills that have also been passed down generations of artisans, your lehenga can become a part of your own legacy. Don’t hide it in storage. Love it, wear it, and pass it on.



Mistletoe Lehenga


Make it Head-To-Toe:

It’s not just your lehengas that can hold the beauty of goodness, your footwear can too. Go for a head-to-toe sustainable look by dressing up your sustainable lehenga with a pair of vegan and cruelty-free footwear. With motifs that takes cues from nature and embellishments that redefine the meaning of twinkle toes, a comfortable pair of traditional mojris can bring your ensemble together while also being kind to nature.



Flamingo Slingback Mules