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Debunking 5 Myths On An Indian Wedding Wardrobe

Gone are the days that we feel pressured to follow certain do’s and dont’s when it comes to selecting our bridal outfits. The millennial Indian bride is changing the rules of the game by following her heart while making her sartorial selections.

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Priyanka Chopra in Aaina Set

1. Colour is in
It’s no surprise that when you think of an Indian bridal look, a red lehenga comes into mind first. The new age bride however is not afraid to try different colours for her D-day. Emerald greens, limes, blush, soft pinks, baby blues are now widely worn and accepted shades. Don’t shy away from colour. The most important thing to keep in mind is how you feel in the attire, nothing else matters.


Cassia Lehenga

2. Comfort is in:
The modern bride is practical and believes in being herself. Gone are the days when brides needed to wear heavily embellished lehengas and deck themselves up with heavy jewellery. The task of handling and managing a lehenga that weighs you down on a day when there’s already so much to do is extremely taxing. Why not instead invest in functional lehengas, one’s that are as beautiful but lighter and easier to walk around in. We suggest investing in a chic, effortless lehenga with pockets that will make you look like a princess as well as will let you dance the night away.


Alia Bhatt in Shari Lehenga

3. Traditional is in:
India is blessed to have a wide range of textiles and crafts on offer when it comes to Indian wear, especially for bridal attire. Traditional weaves, reinterpreted in a modern setting, with just the right amount of drama should definitely be a part of your wedding wardrobe. Banarasi brocades, bandhani’s, pichwai, crafts that have been passed on through generations are only few of the styles that are worth investing in. Perfect for the new age bride, they are the ideal examples of elegant, yet statement making classics.


Aidah Lehenga


4. Individuality is in:
Don’t give into society’s expectations on what you should wear for your wedding. You need to stand out, not the outfit. The lehenga isn’t the only look that you can wear to your wedding— wear a saree if that is more in tune with your personality. Make sure to try a variety of silhouettes when shopping to see what works for your body type and personality. There is no right or wrong answer.

Wear what you will- confidence is the only key to carry off any outfit.

Caara Saree

5. Rewearing is in:
In this day and age, it’s imperative that we re-wear all our clothes more than once so why should the same not ring true to our bridal outfits. The fact is that incredible amount of artistry, time and handwork goes into making D-day attire, making it even more essential to take every chance we get to flaunt it.

Simple changes such as pairing it with lighter jewelry, draping the dupatta differently, exchanging the blouse for a shirt or even just re-wearing your choli with different sarees can completely change the look and feel from the original outfit. Buying a classic lehenga that works across seasons and times is one of the easiest ways to make sure that what you have will work and look good even in the future.

Tazanna Set


Aurora Lehenga


Soha Saree