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Bright, and Easy

Your jewelry box is a collection. Of moods. Of tastes. Of the pieces that can help you switch a look up as you need to. Finding the right pair of earrings or the perfect necklace is often an act of serendipity. And then they become memory-keepers. While we all love our silver baubles, the inevitable tarnish can be a bit of a problem.


Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry

Umarani Necklace


But there are simple, easy ways to make sure your silver jewelry never loses its shine.

  • Don’t spritz your favorite perfume once you have your jewelry on. And never swim or bathe wearing it either. Water and chemicals are not friends of silver’s. In case you do get moisture or a splash of perfume onto your jewelry, make sure you wipe it off as soon as you can.


Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry

Basum Earrings


  • Store your jewelry in airtight boxes, which keep them away from dust and humidity. We recommend choosing either pretty boxes that add a visual appeal, or clear transparent stacks that showcase the jewelry itself. Yes, storage is mundane but you can find ways to have fun with it.


Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry

Aral Earrings


  • Lastly, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe your jewelry down often, to make sure it stays shiny and pretty.


Anita Dongre Silver Jewelry

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