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An ‘Odyssey’ through Ranthambore

This winter, the vivid wilderness of Ranthambore comes alive in the motifs of Odyssey. Wildflowers, lakes, lush trees and nature’s ornate canopies have lent us their colours, as we’ve crafted stories of the forests onto our Bridal Couture.

You will witness the slow waltz of birds or the graceful jive of barasinghas…

A gentle herd of magnificent elephants might peek at you through the woods, or a marauding tiger may gaze at you.

Eras of heritage and age-old stories of nature are etched into our collection. ‘Odyssey’ is a journey of love and life, through the silent chaos of a forest.

Indulge in a confluence of luxurious crafts of India and the finest of silks, inspired by tales of Ranthambore. Your bridal journey begins here.