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4 Must Have Traditional Mens Accessories

It is always the small details that take a standard outfit to a whole new level.

Anita Dongre Men’s Accessories

Here are some stylish yet personal ways of adding elements to your basics:

Viraj Set in Black with Darpan Bandhgala

1. Kurta Buttons: A necessity and an accessory

Choosing an ornamented version of a simple button adds an accent to your ensemble. Add buttons with contrasting colours that stand out or stick to a monochromatic shade palette for a subdued look.


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2. Pocket Squares: An added statement

A Pocket square is a small square cloth that is fashionably tugged to the chest pocket of a jacket and is a must-wear for formal occasions for that added touch of persona. It adds a hint of modernity to your traditional outfits. You can experiment with colours, patterns, fabric, and the flamboyance of the fold.

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Buttons and pocket squares, if paired together should result in a calculated contract and enhance your prime ensemble, rather than overpower it.

Mahogany Sherwani

3. Malas – strands of elegance

Necklaces have been adorned by the Indian Royals for ages. Incorporating jewelry punctuates the grandeur of traditional men’s wear. Shying away from the exuberant styles of maharaja necklaces, the modish men can opt for a single or a multi-strand mala which is elegant and sumptuous.

Ved Kilangi

4. Sarpech/Kilangi – Your royalty badge

Quintessentially a turban ornament, it was earlier worn by Hindu, Sikh, and Mughal princes and noblemen. Though it was originally worn to represent royalty and nobility, it has now become a fashion piece for the present age groom. They are made in metal and studded with beautiful gems. They can be further embellished with feathers for added panache.